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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Benefits of Amruthavalli plant leaves Tamil herb medicinal uses

 Amruthavalli herb
This is benefits of amruthavalli plant leaves, Tamil herb medicinal uses. Amruthavalli herb or Guduchi is an amazing medicinal creeper plant, which is considered as a natural immunity builder. Common diseases such as fever, jaundice, skin infections, tuberculosis and constipation can be cured with the help of this wonder herb. When you see the plant image it just resembles the beetle leaves.
People take amrutha valli for diabetes. It is also useful for the treatment of leprosy. The leaf extracts of the plant are used as a blood purifier and immunity builder. Let’s try to find out some of the medicinal uses of this plant.

Medicinal uses of Amruthavalli plant
1. Ayurveda believes that amruthvalli plant can reduce Tridoshas that is Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is said that when amrutha valli ayurvedic medicine (leaf extracts) are consumed with pure ghee it can cure Vata, when it is consumed with jiggery it works on Pitta and when it is taken with honey it can cure Kapha.

2. Ayurveda believes that the extracts from leaves and stem of the plant are useful for longevity. It keeps various diseases away from our body and helps to remain healthy and fit.

3. The burning sensation in stomach and chest can be cured by consuming the leaf extracts of Amruthvalli plant.

4. Those who are suffering from the problem of excessive thirst can consume extract of the plant along with water to get relief from the condition.

5. New mothers can take advantage of this medicinal plant as it helps to purify the breast milk and also stimulates the secretion of breast milk.

6. The consumption of Guduchi extracts helps digestion and relives other stomach related problems.

7. It can increase the appetite and helps to regulate digestion.
8. The extracts of the plant reduces weakness of the body and gives natural strength within few days.

9. It works as a anti aging treatment by delaying the signs of aging.
10. Guduchi extracts are considered as an effective memory boosters.

11. The herb is a natural immunity builder and can be used as a general health tonic.
12. The health conditions like fever can be treated with the help of Amruthvalli leaves extracts.

13. The extract of this herb is used in the drugs used for curing cancer. The regular consumption of this herb can prevent the risk of cancer.
14. The anti inflammatory properties of Guduchi make it useful in curing the problem of arthritis.

15. Problems like tonsillitis, roughness in throat, cough and cold can be cured Guduchi extract or guduchi tablets which are available in the market. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Karisalankanni Leaves Medicinal uses Plant Benefits in Hair Oil Preparation

Karisalankanni  Leaves Medicinal uses Plant Benefits in Hair Oil Preparation
This is the information about karisalankanni Leaves medicinal uses plant benefits in hair oil preparation. 
There are two types of plant available one is white karisalankanni plant (white flowers) and the other one is manjal karisalankanni (yellow flowers). The flowers are used to treat skin and liver infections. Sangai karisalankanni hair oil is commercially available ayurvedic oil but you can easily prepare karisalankanni thailam for hair at home. Karisalankanni powder is available in Shining Star Exports Chennai.
Karisalankanni English name: karisalankanni (eclipta prostrata)
This plant can easily grow in any temperate region with average rain fall.

Karisalankanni oil uses
Eclipta prostrate or widely known as false daisy or bhrigaraj is a plant which is widely used in ayurvedic medicinal therapies. It is advice to add boiled coconut oil with Karisalankanni leaves for hair growth and to get rid of dandruff problem.
The extract of the leaves of this plant are used as the best medicine for the health conditions like liver tonic and hair fall. The black dye is obtained from this plant to colour grey hair and make tattoos. This medicinal plant is also used for skin problems like athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis on scalp. The leaves of this plant are used for scorpion stings.
Karisalankanni hair dye: Karisalankanni hair dye is prepared by adding the equal amount of henna, beetroot juice and tea powder. Let it to boil for some time and use this extract as hair dye.

 How to use Karisalankann keerai for hair
Karisalankann leaf oil has the natural properties which are useful for healthy hair growth. It gives the natural colour and shine to the hair. The regular use of this oil prevents hair fall. Mix the extracts of Karisalankann hair oil preparation
plant and amla powder in coconut oil and take a boil. After cooling down store and use this oil for hair treatment. Daily apply this oil of scalp with gentle massage.
Karisalankanni  for Eye protection
There are many Karisalankanni health benefits. Ayurvedic kajal is prepared with the help of bhringaraj plant extracts and other ingredients like drumstick leaves juice, bitterguard leaves juice etc. The powder is obtained by naturally evaporating this mixture. This powder is mixed with cow ghee. And kajal is collected by heating this mixture. Fresh lime juice is mixed with this kajal and then it is ready to use. The regular use of the kajal can treat many types of eye problems. This can prevent sight problems if used daily before going to bed.
 Uses of oil for other ailments
Make multipurpose medicinal oil for many health problems.  Add Karisalankanni juice with cow ghee and robustal berries powder and yashtimadhuka powder. Boil this entire mixture and after cooling down filter and store it in air tight container. Use this oil for nerves massage and numbness at any body part.

Karisalankanni leaves Juice for heel pain
Massage bhringaraj juice on your heel skin to treat pain. This can be helpful for the women who are suffering from cracked heels.

Karisalankanni for baldness
Make a paste of bhringaraj plant and apply it on bald area on head. Daily repeat this treatment for 3 months. Wash your head after 1 hour. This treatment supports the new growth of hair follicles and supports healthy hair growth.

Herbal Jaundice cure: Take the leaves paste, black pepper powder and buffalo curd. Consume this mixture for a week to cure jaundice.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thumbai Medicinal Plant Uses and Leaves Benefits

Thumbai Plant
This is to share about thumbai medicinal plant uses and leaves benefits. Alopathy or english medicine always cause some side effect but this is a complete natural medicine. Thumbai poo or Thumbai malar is the Tamil name for thumbai flower. Thumbai leaves are called Thumbai ilai.  Thumnai oil prepared in ayurvedic medicine is used to cure many diseases.
thumbai botanical name: (Leucas aspera – scientific name)

Thumbai herb medicinal uses and home remedy

Every part of Thumbai plant has medicinal values. The leaves and flowers of thumbai plant can be used to cure many types of diseases. The treatment of thumbai leaves is without any side effects and can be used for children and adult both. This is mentioned as kasi thumbai flower or siru thumbai sedi (chedi) in siddha medicine.

One of the well known thumbai flower uses in Tamil medicine is asthma cure. Thumbai poo and leaves are considered as a best remedy for asthma. Other respiratory diseases can also be cured with the inhalation of thumbai leaves. Grind the leaves of the plant and boil with water. Inhale the steam to get relief.

In villages thumbai leaves are used to treat snake bite. Victims are advised to chew some thumbai leaves to reduce the effect of snake bite. If the person is unconscious due to snake bite, crush and take out juice of thumbai leaves and use as a nasal drops.

Those who are suffering from sinusitis should inhale the thumbai leaves steam or crush thumbai flowers and take out juice and apply on nose, throat and chest area.

Juice of Thumbai flowers or leaves can be used twice a day to cure Ascaris. You can make a decoction by using leaves and flowers of Thumbai plant. Consume 5 to 6ml of this decoction two time a day.

Try rubbing crushed leaves of thumbai over Scorpion bite. Normal cold can be cured by consuming juice of thumbai leaves thrice a day. Clean thumbai leaves along with mint leaves and coriander leaves. Take out a juice and consume it to fight against constipation.

Boil cumin seeds in water, after cooling down add 1 tsp juice of thumbai leaves in it. Consume this water to cure gastric problem instantly.

To treat problem of pittha, boil thumbai leaves and flowers with water. Grind the mixture and extract juice. Drink this juice before meals twice a day to treat the condition.

Boil leaves of thumbai plant in water along with green gram dal. Add a pinch of salt and crushed chilli for taste. Eat this medicinal curry along with rice daily. This tasty remedy can cure the problem of tonsillitis easily.

The ladies who are suffering from menstrual related problem can try thumbai leaves remedy for treatment. Grind thumbai leaves and mix it in warm cow milk. Drink this milk to get relief in menstrual problems.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Medicinal Plant Pirandai Uses Benefits and health value

Pirandai  Medicinal Uses 

Veldt grape in English - Pirandai tamil name
pirandai ayurveda medicine is used to cure many diseases. pirandai appalam and adai are the common mooligai recipes prepared by using this herb. Veldt grapes or widely known as Devil’s backbone carries lots of medicinal values. Pirandai for weight loss treatment is now becoming popular in ayurvedha. pirandai leaves thuvaiyal is good for digestion related problems. This medicinal plant is considered as analgesic and health tonic in ayurvedic medicinal therapy. Here are some pirandai benefits in tamil medicine. Excess usage of pirandai cause some side effects.

Pirandai Medicinal Value
  • This herbal plant is mainly used to heal broken bones. That is why it is known as asthisamharaka in medicinal language. It contains a very good source of carotenoids, triterpenoids and ascorbic acid. The combination of these medicinal values reduces the healing time of the broken bones.
  • pirandai herb is also used to reduce weight and obesity effectively. Pirandai is good for stomach ulcers problems and it regenerates injured mucosa.
  • If the spinal bone is seriously damaged then application of veldt grape plant can be very useful in the quick recovery. The blood diseases and bone marrow diseases can be cured with the help of veldt grape medicinal uses.
  • pirandai juice is used to heal joint pains effectively. But you should clean it before using it. This medicinal herb is the best remedy to prevent damage of muscles. This property has made it important for sportsmen.
  • Veldt grape plant can regularize body metabolism, and thus helps to treat cardiovascular problems.
  • Those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems can be treated with the help of veldt grape plant. Irritation or reddishness in eyes can be treated with the extracts of this medicinal herb.
  • Ear pain can be reduced with the help of the extracts of this medicinal herb.
  • Ladies who are facing the problem of irregular menstruation can be treated with the extracts of veldt grape plant. This can reduce the menstruation cramps also.
  • Because of the antibacterial and anti fungus properties of plant many types of skin diseases can be cured with the help of this.
  • This herb is very useful in treating gastric problem effectively. It can heal gastric ulcers by protecting stomach’s protective lining.
  • Those who are suffering from eczema, external ulcers, tumours, abscesses can apply the pulp and juice of this plant on the affected area as a bandage.
  • Along with the weight loss this herb can also fight against oxidative stress related to obesity.
  • This plant has been proved effective in treatment of blood clotting.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Information about Kuppaimeni Leaves Medicinal Uses

Information about kuppaimeni leaves medicinal uses
This is information about kuppaimeni leaves medicinal uses. Kuppaimeni leaves or Indian Acalypha Indica is a wild plant which carries various health saving medicinal properties. kuppaimeni benefits are well indentified in Tamil medicine. The shoot of these plants is edible and leaves of the plant are cooked and consumed as vegetable. Try kuppaimeni recipes like dosa, poriyal, soup, rasam, etc. The leaves of this plant are used in the treatment of many health problems especially respiratory diseases. Here are some kuppaimeni plant uses. You can buy kuppaimeni powder in ayurvedic medical centres.
kuppaimeni botanical name: Acalypha indica

 kuppaimeni plant benefits
1. The leaves of kuppaimeni plant are considered as one of the best medicines for asthma and bronchitis. The mucous saturated in the bronchial tubes can be easily removed with the help of these leaves. The extracts of leaves are used to treat bronchitis and asthma. Patients are advised to consume the decoction of acalypha leaves twice a day or as per the requirement.
 2. The extracts of kuppaimeni leaves are also useful in treating the condition of blockage in urination. It can support the easy flow of urine and thus cures the problem.
 3. The patients of pneumonia are also treated with the juice extracted from acalypha leaves.
 4. The patients suffering from constipation can take advantage of these leaves. Common salt is mixed with the juice of acalypha leaves. This mixture works as a regular laxative and treats the condition.
5. kuppaimeni leaves are used to treat many skin diseases and scabies. kuppaimeni for eczema is highly effective. Extract the juice from the leaves and use it for external application. Apply the juice on scabies to heal it quickly.
6. Mix small amount of white lime or calcium chloride in kuppaimeni leaves extract. This mixture can be used to externally to cure many types of skin diseases.
7. Many children suffer from the problem of worms in stomach, because of which many other health problems can occur. To cure this health problem, dry leaves of kuppaimeni plant are used. Make a powder of dry leaves and give for children to support the process of removal of worms. You can also use the extracts of leaves mixed with garlic juice to fight against the problem.
 8. The decoction of these leaves can be a very good treatment for the reasons of vomiting in kids. It can help to control the attack of vomiting.
9. Few drops of kuppaimeni leaves ract can be useful to cure ear pain effectively.
 10.The crushed leaves are beneficial to reduce the pain of non-poisonous snake bite. It can also relieve the pain of centipede bite quickly.
11. The extracts of these leaves are useful in the treatment of ulcers.
12. Fresh leaves juice is used for arthritis. Mix oil and salt in leaves juice and apply in on affected area to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
13. Make a powder of dry leaves of acalypha and use it for the treatment of bedsores and other types of infections and wounds.
14. Crush the leaves of the plant and apply it on burns to reduce irritation and burning sensation.
15. The extracts of kuppaimeni leaves are used to treat serious eye infections. Apply the powder of turmeric and kuppaimeni for face to get glowing and fair skin. Use Kuppaimeni for hair removal, unwanted facial hairs can be removed by this application.
16. You can use the juice of kuppaimeni for cold kuppaimeni leaves are known as the best expectorant. The treatment of kuppaimeni leaves for cough is very effective in children.  The juice of these leaves can treat chronic cough effectively.
 17. Use the extracts of these leaves to massage on joints to get relief from joint pains. Kuppaimeni keerai powder massage works better to get relief from joint pain. If it is not available in your area You can purchase kuppaimeni powder online easily.
 18. The bandage made with the whole plant of kuppaimeni leaves is very useful for reducing headache.
19. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of kuppaimeni leaves are useful to treat many types of infections.

20 Use Neem leaves and kuppaimeni leaves for dandruff treatment. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Athimadhuram Medicinal Uses and Benefits

Athimadhuram Benefits
Athimadhuram or liquorice is beneficial in treatment of many types of health problems. Those who are suffering from indigestion or acidity can get relief with the use of Athimadhuram powder. Stomach pain can be reduced with consumption of athimadhuram as well. It is very difficult to identify athimadhuram tree but it is a precious herb. Find the list of Athimadhuram medicinal properties below.

athimadhuram scientific name : Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn

 Athimadhuram Medicinal plant uses
  • Use athimadhuram in preparation of your herbal tea. Athimadhuram ayurvedic tea treatment is useful in stress releafe treatment. This medicinal herb is useful for the treatment of chronic cough and cold. Athimadhuram for babies and infants cough treatment is very effective. As this herb is very sweet in taste, it can be given to kids to cure cough and cold. Kids can get quick relief by consuming extracts of athimadhuram roots.
  • Ayurveda advises to use 3 to 4 grams of athimadhuram roots to prepare 1 cup tea. Many ladies face the trouble during menstrual period. Athimadhuram carries anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which can be beneficial in curing pain and cramps during those days.
  • Athimadhuram roots can also work on the condition of constipation. Regular consumption of athimadhuram tea for 1 week can work as a laxative and solve the problem of constipation. Ayurveda medicines use athimadhuram in the treatment of arthritis and other joint pains.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of athimadhuram can reduce the pain effectively. It is advised to consume athimadhuram tea regularly for some days to get desired result. Athimadhuram extracts are useful for treating eye problems. Those who are suffering from blurred vision or less vision are advised to consume athimadhuram to get benefits.
  • The tea of athimadhuram is recommended for the patients of asthma. It can reduce other respiratory problems also. Itching in throat, sore throat or other types of throat pain can be cured with the help of athimadhuram.
  • Glycyrrhizin present in athimadhuram can fight against depression and anxiety. It can refresh your mind quickly. Drink athimadhuram tea thrice a day to fight against depression. Body metabolism can be regulated by consuming athimadhuram root extracts. It can reduce bad cholesterol from body and can support bile acid flow in body.
  • Symptoms of menopause can be cured with the help of athimadhuram as this amazing herb is antioxidant and carries phytoestrogenic quality. The hormonal imbalance during menopause period can be cured with estrogens present in this medicinal herb.
  • Increased immunity power can lessen the joint pain and muscles pain. Athimadhuram is a rich antioxidant to improve immunity power effectively. Use Athimadhuram for skin diseases. The powder of dried athimadhuram roots can be used for many skin diseases like psoriasis, itching, eczema and dermatitis.
  • Rashes also can be cured with this powder or lotion. You can also use Athimadhuram for beauty aspects, Athimadhuram face pack is the best treatment for oily skin people. Regular use of Athimadhuram for hair can activate the hair scalps and induce the hair growth.  You can also use Athimadhuram for gray hair problem.
  • Bad breath can be easily stopped by chewing athimadhuram root. This amazing root can reduce blood glucose level in blood and thus useful in treating diabetes. Athimadhuram tea is beneficial in reducing weight also. Powder or tea made with athimadhuram roots can give relief in fever and headache.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Karpooravalli Leaves Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Karpooravalli Leaves Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits
This is on karpooravalli leaves medicinal uses and health value benefits. In nattu maruthuvam it is adviced to give the juice of karpooravalli for babies and the juice is applied on the chest for infants cold.  karpooravalli leaves are known for its aroma and flavour. It act as a good mosquito repellent. Here are some uses of ajwain leaves.

1. Karpooravalli for cold and cough: In Ayurveda karpooravalli leaf is used to treat cold and cough. Viral fever also can be treated with the help of ajwain leaves. 
2. These leaves are very beneficial in treating stomach pain and many other stomach disorders. karpooravalli rasam recipe is one of the best dish to cure stomach related disorders. 
3. Karpooravalli leaves are used as general antiseptic for minor cuts and wounds. There is no karpooravalli side effects found in children and adults. 
4. The colic symptoms in babies can be cured with the help of ajwain leaves. 
5. This is a natural remedy for indigestion and loss of appetite in children. 
6. The extracts of ajwain leaves are remedial in treating dysbiosis and microbial imbalance in body. 
7. Mix extracts of ajwain leaves in warm water and consumes it to get relief from asthma and bronchitis.
 8. Make a fine paste of ajwain leaves and apply in on skin disorders like itching, rashes or eczema. You can apply this paste on painful pimples also to get relief. 
9. Women who are suffering from menstrual pain can drink ajwain water. It can also cure the irregular menstrual problem.
 10. Ajwain leaves are natural mosquito repellent. Keep this leaves in every corner of house. The strong aroma of the leaves will keep the mosquitoes at the bay.
 11. Smelling the strong aroma of ajwain seeds or leaves can be useful in treating headache and nausea.
 12. Apply karpooravalli leaves paste on insect bites to relieve the pain and swelling.
 13. Soak some ajwain leaves and seeds in water and wash your eyes with that filtered water to clean your eyes thoroughly. The leaves extract of Karpooravalli for hair is highly beneficial to treat dandruff problem.   
 14. Anti-inflammatory and anti-anaesthetic properties of ajwain leaves and seeds help to reduce the arthritis and rheumatic pain. You can apply paste of seeds and leaves and apply it on painful area to get soothing relief.
 15. Karpooravalli plant contains niacin and thymol along with vitamins which is very useful in maintaining good heart health. The consumption of ajwain extracts is beneficial in improving nerve impulsion and blood circulation.
16. Karpooravalli leaves extracts are beneficial in reducing acidity effectively.
 17. If you are suffering from problem of hiccups then chew an ajwain leaf or few seeds to get immediate effect.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vendhaya keerai Medicinal Uses / Fenugreek leaves Benefits

Vendhaya keerai Medicinal Uses
This is on vendhaya keerai medicinal uses, Fenugreek leaves medicinal uses.  
One of the best vendhaya keerai uses is diabetic treatment. Seeds and leaves of fenugreek are beneficial in many health problems.
 Vendhaya keerai benefits
1. Methi or vendhayam medicinal uses in tamil is well known. This leaves are useful in reducing cholesterol effectively. These leaves balance blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.
 2. Type II Diabetes patients can enjoy benefits of fenugreek leaves. Galactomannan is a natural fibre present in fenugreek leaves. This medicinal property reduces the rate of sugar absorption in blood easily thus it is helpful in controlling diabetes. The amino acid present in leaves stimulates insulin production in body.
 3. Galactomannan present in fenugreek leaves also reduces the risk of heart attack.
 4. Fenugreek leaves are rich source of potassium, which can regulate the heart rate and blood pressure.
 5. Fenugreek is very useful in treating hormonal imbalance in women. It also helps in enlarging breast with regular usage.
 6. Lactating mothers are advised to eat fenugreek leaves regularly as it carries diosgenin, which is useful in increasing milk production effectively.
 7. Menstrual cramps and related problems can be treated with the consumption of fenugreek leaves and seeds. Fenugreek is rich in diosgenin and isoflavones with estrogen. These properties reduce menstrual problems.
 8. Fenugreek leaves or methi leaves are rich in iron. Pregnant or lactating woman should include these leaves in regular diet.
 9. Eat fenugreek leaves or seeds regularly to reduce weight effectively. Natural fibre present in fenugreek can fill the stomach and reduce the appetite.
 10. Paste of fenugreek leaves can prove as best face pack to treat blackheads, pimples and wrinkles. Apply this paste for 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water.
 11. Methi leaves are highly beneficial in treatment of poor liver function and dyspepsia.
 12. Digestion problems and gastric problems are cured with the consumption of methi leaves.
 13. Those who are suffering from dysentery or diarrhea should consume fenugreek leaves for better relief.
 14. These leaves are very good in treating skin problems like blemishes, rashes and skin marks.
 15. Make a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and apply it on scalp. Wash it with cold water after half an hour. With the help of this remedy you can get long and shiny hair and reduce the problem of hair fall.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maruthani leaves uses / Medicinal benefits

This is the information on Maruthani leaves uses and medicinal benefits of maruthani plant Tamil.
maruthani botanical name: Lawsonia inermis 
Maruthani herb is well known. Maruthani leaves are used in India for beautifying purpose, whether it is a marriage or any grand festivals, henna has important place to decorate palms and feet of ladies and kids in the house. Other than this beauty use, henna carries various medicinal properties also, hence maruthani health benefits are more. Let’s take a look on the uses of henna leaves

Maruthani leaves uses
1. Henna plant is considered as a medicinal plant. Every part of this plant like leaves, flowers, bark and even seeds are used in ayurvedic as well as unani medicines.

2. The anti viral and anti fungal properties of henna leaves are capable to keep us away from many infections and diseases.

3. If you are suffering from throbbing headache, then gentle massage with henna oil can prove much beneficial.

4. Many skin diseases leprosy, eczema, scabies and fungal infections be treated with the help of henna leaves paste or henna oil.

5. Heat burns or heat boils can be cured with henna leaves paste. It can also treat swelling and inflammation in skin.

6. The patients who are suffering muscular pain can be cured by applying oil extracted from henna flowers.

7. Maruthani plant medicinal uses In Ayurveda: The problems related to liver like swelling of liver or jaundice are treated with the help of extracts of henna plant bark.

8. Seeds of henna plants also carry medicinal properties which are advantageous in menstruation related inconvenience. The seeds are also used in the production of deodorants and perfumes.

9. To get a comforting effect in the pain of rheumatic and arthritic pain apply paste of henna leaves on the affected area.

10. You can put maruthani for hair to change your white hair into natural black.  Apply henna oil on scalp and hair to stop hair fall and pre-mature greying of hair.

11. Patients of diabetes can gain benefits from henna extracts as in contains hypoglycemic properties.

12. Henna extracts work magically on the germs of Tuberculosis.

13. Extracts from henna bark are useful in the treatment of dysentery and other stomach problems.

14. If you are suffering from hair fall or baldness then boil henna leaves with coconut oil or mustard oil and gently massage the scalp. Henna oil or henna leaves paste can fight against dandruff problem also.

15. Migraine or headache can be cured by applying paste of henna flowers mixed with vinegar on the painful area.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tamil Karuveppilai Medicinal Uses Benefits

Tamil Karuveppilai 
Medicinal Uses Benefits
Karuveppilai medicinal uses
This is Karuveppilai medicinal uses in Tamil and benefits of karuveppilai plant, leaves and medicinal values. There is no kitchen with out using curry leaves in a day. We need this Karuveppilla for our each and every dish preparation for its pleasant aroma, health benefits and nutritional value.  The whole karuveppilai plant uses is well known in ayurveda medicine preparation.
Apart from its rich aroma and taste curry leaves have various medicinal benefits.

Karuveppilai leaves uses
1. Karuveppilai benefits for hair : Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and calcium which helps to stop hair fall and supports rapid hair growth.
2.  Leaves also carry plenty of Amino Acid which helps in regularizing digestion.
3. Karuveppilai podi benefits are more in stomach related problems. All types of stomach problems like indigestion, ulcers etc are easily cured by consuming curry leaves podi prepared by sautéing curry laves with salt, jeera and pepper.
4. Curry leaves play an important role in shedding weight. The regular consumption of curry leaves help to get desired effect on body within few months.
5. The problem like acidity and burning sensation in chest can be easily cured by drinking the water boiled with curry leaves in it.
6. During summer season because of excess heat many people suffer through prickly heat and heat boils. Applying the paste of curry leaves on the area can be very beneficial to give calming effect.
7. Karuveppilai Juice Benefits:  The curry leaves juice is used in treatment of blood piles and many types of blood related problems.
8. The anti-diabetic properties of curry leaves help to control diabetes effectively. Chew some curry leaves and pepper corn in the morning before eating anything.  This remedy surely controls the blood sugar level.
9. The curry leaves have very rich and freshening aroma which is useful in reducing vomiting sensation and food nausea. The simple remedy to cure this condition is to crush some curry leaves along with some red chillies, salt and little piece of tamarind. This paste can be used along with rice to reduce the tastelessness and bitterness of tongue. This paste also helps to digest the food and prevent acidity.
10. Karuveppilai uses for hair: Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and calcium which are very essential in hair and bone health. Boil coconut oil with curry leaves and use this oil to stop hair loss and supports hair growth. The gentle massage of this oil on joints can reduce the pain and inflammation easily. The regular consumption of curry leaves keep the bones healthy and strong.
11. Those who are suffering from poor eyesight are advised to include curry leaves in their regular diet. Curry leaves not only improves the eyesight but also removes other eye related problems. It also prevents the possibility of cataract in future.
12. Those who are facing the problem of anemia due to lack of folic acid and iron in body are highly advised to consume curry leaves and dates in the morning before eating anything. Curry leaves contains plenty of iron and folic acid which helps to get a healthy and energetic body.
13. Karuveppilai Health Benefits: The anti-oxidant properties of curry leaves reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and help to produce good cholesterol. Thus curry leaves are beneficial in preventing heart diseases effectively.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Pudina Leaves Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Pudina Leaves 
This is an article about Pudina leaves benefits and medicinal uses. Pudina Leaves called mint is one of the most beneficial herbs, which is grown all most all parts of the earth. Specially known for its flavour and aroma, pudina is used in various types of chutneys, salads and tea varieties. The importance and advantages of pudina leaves are more in medicine.  For health and beauty purpose pudina leaves are used in skin, acne, pimple, dark circles, hair dandruff, and skin problems etc.  You can grow pudina leaves at home easily in a pot by planting the stem part of Pudina.

Botanical name of pudina leaves - Mentha Arvensis
For the medicinal value of pudina leaves in Ayurveda pudina diet is advised. Most famous pudina leaves recipe is pudina chutney and pudina rice.

Pudina leaves for Acne:
Pudina is an excellent medicine for acne. Pudina paste with turmeric powder can be applied on acne.
Pudina leaves for Hair
Prepare pudina leaves paste by adding a bunch of pudina and neem leaves with 50gm of fenugreek seed. Apply on hair 1hr before taking hair wash. This will reduce hair fall and improve the hair growth even in bald head. Reduce the dandruff problem too.    

Pudina leaves for Face
Pudina leaves with aloe vera gel can be used for face to cure pimples and acne scare marks. This is the best home remedy for getting glowing fair face easily with in a week.

Pudina leaves during pregnancy
Pudina leaves helps to regulate the digestive system. It reduces heat and acidity in the stomach. The aroma of mint leaves stimulates saliva glands and this helps the food to get digested quickly. Dip mint leaves in hot water and set it for few minutes. Consume this water for instant relief from stomach pain and indigestion alternatively you can take pudina leaves juice. So it is advised to eat Pudina leaves during pregnancy as food recipe or as raw.
Benefits of eating pudina leaves – eating pudina leaves reduce the bad smell in you mouth and improves your digestion.
How to dry pudina leaves: Pudina podi Making
How to keep pudina leaves fresh : Put in plastic cover and keep on the mud pot filled with water.
Get some fresh leaves and put in plastic cover and sun dry for a week.
pudina leaves weight loss:
Pudina leaves recipe is advise to high cholesterol patients and obesity patients to reduce their bad cholesterol and weight.