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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Karisalankanni Leaves Medicinal uses Plant Benefits in Hair Oil Preparation

Karisalankanni  Leaves Medicinal uses Plant Benefits in Hair Oil Preparation
This is the information about karisalankanni Leaves medicinal uses plant benefits in hair oil preparation. 
There are two types of plant available one is white karisalankanni plant (white flowers) and the other one is manjal karisalankanni (yellow flowers). The flowers are used to treat skin and liver infections. Sangai karisalankanni hair oil is commercially available ayurvedic oil but you can easily prepare karisalankanni thailam for hair at home. Karisalankanni powder is available in Shining Star Exports Chennai.
Karisalankanni English name: karisalankanni (eclipta prostrata)
This plant can easily grow in any temperate region with average rain fall.

Karisalankanni oil uses
Eclipta prostrate or widely known as false daisy or bhrigaraj is a plant which is widely used in ayurvedic medicinal therapies. It is advice to add boiled coconut oil with Karisalankanni leaves for hair growth and to get rid of dandruff problem.
The extract of the leaves of this plant are used as the best medicine for the health conditions like liver tonic and hair fall. The black dye is obtained from this plant to colour grey hair and make tattoos. This medicinal plant is also used for skin problems like athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis on scalp. The leaves of this plant are used for scorpion stings.
Karisalankanni hair dye: Karisalankanni hair dye is prepared by adding the equal amount of henna, beetroot juice and tea powder. Let it to boil for some time and use this extract as hair dye.

 How to use Karisalankann keerai for hair
Karisalankann leaf oil has the natural properties which are useful for healthy hair growth. It gives the natural colour and shine to the hair. The regular use of this oil prevents hair fall. Mix the extracts of Karisalankann hair oil preparation
plant and amla powder in coconut oil and take a boil. After cooling down store and use this oil for hair treatment. Daily apply this oil of scalp with gentle massage.
Karisalankanni  for Eye protection
There are many Karisalankanni health benefits. Ayurvedic kajal is prepared with the help of bhringaraj plant extracts and other ingredients like drumstick leaves juice, bitterguard leaves juice etc. The powder is obtained by naturally evaporating this mixture. This powder is mixed with cow ghee. And kajal is collected by heating this mixture. Fresh lime juice is mixed with this kajal and then it is ready to use. The regular use of the kajal can treat many types of eye problems. This can prevent sight problems if used daily before going to bed.
 Uses of oil for other ailments
Make multipurpose medicinal oil for many health problems.  Add Karisalankanni juice with cow ghee and robustal berries powder and yashtimadhuka powder. Boil this entire mixture and after cooling down filter and store it in air tight container. Use this oil for nerves massage and numbness at any body part.

Karisalankanni leaves Juice for heel pain
Massage bhringaraj juice on your heel skin to treat pain. This can be helpful for the women who are suffering from cracked heels.

Karisalankanni for baldness
Make a paste of bhringaraj plant and apply it on bald area on head. Daily repeat this treatment for 3 months. Wash your head after 1 hour. This treatment supports the new growth of hair follicles and supports healthy hair growth.

Herbal Jaundice cure: Take the leaves paste, black pepper powder and buffalo curd. Consume this mixture for a week to cure jaundice.


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