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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tulsi leaves medicinal value and benefits

This is Tulsi leaves medicinal value and benefits. Tulsi plant is called as The Queen of Herbs for its medicinal properties and uses. The amazing healing power of this herb is famous all over the world. Normally the tulsi is found in 3 varieties – Vana Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi and rama Tulsi. Here are some of the medicinal uses of tulsi plant

1. Tulsi juice is useful for curing many types of fever like Malaria, dengue etc. The leaves of tulsi plant are boiled with the water and the water is given to the patients for the treatment.

2. It is a natural protection for our body from all types of viral infections and allergies.

3. The plant is used for the treatment of cough and cold. Chronic cough can be treated by chewing tulsi leaves or by consuming leaves extracts along with honey.

4. Tulsi leaves extracts are useful in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis also. Patients are advised to consume tulsi leaves daily or to consume tulsi leaves juice regularly to get relief.

5. Boil few tulsi leaves in water along with honey and grated ginger. After boiling thoroughly drink the mixture warm to treat cough and cold. This is an useful remedy for asthma and flu also.

6. Tulsi leaves are useful for healing sore throat also. Boil few leaves in water and gargle with that warm water to get benefits.

7. Children who are suffering from intestine worms are cured with the help of tulsi extracts. The regular consumption of tulsi leaves juice can solve the problem within few days.

8. Cough and cold in children can be easily cured by consuming tulsi juice with honey. This remedy is without any side effects and is safe for infants as well.

9. Tulsi leaves along with honey shows positive results in chicken pox also.

10.  Those who are suffering from bleeding gums and bad breath can take advantage of tulsi leaves. Make a powder of dry tulsi leaves and consume it to clean your mouth.

11. Water boiled along with tulsi leaves can be used for gargling as it helps to reduce tooth pain.

12. Chewing tulsi leaves can make your mouth free from germs and it can also cure mouth ulcers.

13. If you are suffering from throbbing headache, apply tulsi leaves paste on your forehead to get soothing relief.

14. Diabetes patients can chew tulsi leaves regularly or consume tulsi extracts as it controls blood sugar level successfully.

15. The leaves of this amazing plant stimulate saliva glands and thus prove helpful in digestion procedure.

16. The leaves of tulsi are useful to reduce acidity and gastric problem.

17. The problem of constipation can be solved by consuming tulsi leaves juice before going to bed.

18. Tulsi leaves along with other medication can prevent and cure oral cancer.

19. The anti bacterial properties of tulsi leaves helps to fight against many types
of skin infections

20. Tulsi leaves extracts is one of the best remedies to remove black heads and acne-pimples easily.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jamun leaves medicinal uses / naval fruit tree benefits Tamil

This is jamun leaves medicinal uses,  Tamil naval fruit tree benefits. Jamun fruits, seeds and leaves of the tree contain medicinal values. Here are some benefits of Jamun leaves.

Naval fruit health benefits Tamil medicine: The leaves and fruits of the plant is loaded with anti bacterial properties and thus used for preparation of medicines for various diseases. The medicines made with jamun leaves and fruit extracts are very good for healthy gums and teeth. The powder of dry leaves or ash of the jamun leaves is used in the various tooth powders of famous brands. Tooth powders which contain jamun leaves powder is suggested for the patients who are suffering from the problem of spongy gums. The ash of the jamun leaves is acquired by drying and burning the leaves carefully. This ash is mixed with the ash of almond shells in equal quantity. This combination proves as best tooth powder or manjan. This tooth powder is beneficial for oral problems like gum bleeding or gum infection. If you have problem of bad breathe then add little amount of peppermint in manjan and it can be a great remedy for bad breath.

Jamun leaves for diabetes:  Jamun plant is very beneficial for diabetes treatment. The powder of jamun seeds contains a glucose named Jamboline. Jamboline controls the change of starch into sugar and helps to reduce sugar level in urine. The extracts of jamun seeds, bark and leaves are used in preparing the medicines for diabetes. It gives the remarkable result of the condition.

Jamun leaves for weight loss:  The juice extracts from tender jamun leaves mixed with honey is the very good remedy for weight loss, nausea and vomiting. Jambulina present in jamun plat is useful for the treatment of polyuria. It helps to decrease the urinary output effectively.

Jamun leaves for infertility: In ayurveda, leaves are used to cure infertility problem both in male and female. The bark and leaves extracts of jamun tree are used for digestive problems. The leaves extracts are used to cure throat problems like itching in throat and sore throat. The juice extracted from the leaves of jamun plant is useful for the treatment of ringworm and other skin infections.

Ayurvedic therapy uses the jamun bark, seeds, leaves and fruits for various health benefits. The leaves are useful for regulating digestive system and even for oral health. The leaves of the plant are used to cure diarrhea and stomach ulcers.