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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thumbai Medicinal Plant Uses and Leaves Benefits

Thumbai Plant
This is to share about thumbai medicinal plant uses and leaves benefits. Alopathy or english medicine always cause some side effect but this is a complete natural medicine. Thumbai poo or Thumbai malar is the Tamil name for thumbai flower. Thumbai leaves are called Thumbai ilai.  Thumnai oil prepared in ayurvedic medicine is used to cure many diseases.
thumbai botanical name: (Leucas aspera – scientific name)

Thumbai herb medicinal uses and home remedy

Every part of Thumbai plant has medicinal values. The leaves and flowers of thumbai plant can be used to cure many types of diseases. The treatment of thumbai leaves is without any side effects and can be used for children and adult both. This is mentioned as kasi thumbai flower or siru thumbai sedi (chedi) in siddha medicine.

One of the well known thumbai flower uses in Tamil medicine is asthma cure. Thumbai poo and leaves are considered as a best remedy for asthma. Other respiratory diseases can also be cured with the inhalation of thumbai leaves. Grind the leaves of the plant and boil with water. Inhale the steam to get relief.

In villages thumbai leaves are used to treat snake bite. Victims are advised to chew some thumbai leaves to reduce the effect of snake bite. If the person is unconscious due to snake bite, crush and take out juice of thumbai leaves and use as a nasal drops.

Those who are suffering from sinusitis should inhale the thumbai leaves steam or crush thumbai flowers and take out juice and apply on nose, throat and chest area.

Juice of Thumbai flowers or leaves can be used twice a day to cure Ascaris. You can make a decoction by using leaves and flowers of Thumbai plant. Consume 5 to 6ml of this decoction two time a day.

Try rubbing crushed leaves of thumbai over Scorpion bite. Normal cold can be cured by consuming juice of thumbai leaves thrice a day. Clean thumbai leaves along with mint leaves and coriander leaves. Take out a juice and consume it to fight against constipation.

Boil cumin seeds in water, after cooling down add 1 tsp juice of thumbai leaves in it. Consume this water to cure gastric problem instantly.

To treat problem of pittha, boil thumbai leaves and flowers with water. Grind the mixture and extract juice. Drink this juice before meals twice a day to treat the condition.

Boil leaves of thumbai plant in water along with green gram dal. Add a pinch of salt and crushed chilli for taste. Eat this medicinal curry along with rice daily. This tasty remedy can cure the problem of tonsillitis easily.

The ladies who are suffering from menstrual related problem can try thumbai leaves remedy for treatment. Grind thumbai leaves and mix it in warm cow milk. Drink this milk to get relief in menstrual problems.

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