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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Karpooravalli Leaves Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Karpooravalli Leaves Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits
This is on karpooravalli leaves medicinal uses and health value benefits. In nattu maruthuvam it is adviced to give the juice of karpooravalli for babies and the juice is applied on the chest for infants cold.  karpooravalli leaves are known for its aroma and flavour. It act as a good mosquito repellent. Here are some uses of ajwain leaves.

1. Karpooravalli for cold and cough: In Ayurveda karpooravalli leaf is used to treat cold and cough. Viral fever also can be treated with the help of ajwain leaves. 
2. These leaves are very beneficial in treating stomach pain and many other stomach disorders. karpooravalli rasam recipe is one of the best dish to cure stomach related disorders. 
3. Karpooravalli leaves are used as general antiseptic for minor cuts and wounds. There is no karpooravalli side effects found in children and adults. 
4. The colic symptoms in babies can be cured with the help of ajwain leaves. 
5. This is a natural remedy for indigestion and loss of appetite in children. 
6. The extracts of ajwain leaves are remedial in treating dysbiosis and microbial imbalance in body. 
7. Mix extracts of ajwain leaves in warm water and consumes it to get relief from asthma and bronchitis.
 8. Make a fine paste of ajwain leaves and apply in on skin disorders like itching, rashes or eczema. You can apply this paste on painful pimples also to get relief. 
9. Women who are suffering from menstrual pain can drink ajwain water. It can also cure the irregular menstrual problem.
 10. Ajwain leaves are natural mosquito repellent. Keep this leaves in every corner of house. The strong aroma of the leaves will keep the mosquitoes at the bay.
 11. Smelling the strong aroma of ajwain seeds or leaves can be useful in treating headache and nausea.
 12. Apply karpooravalli leaves paste on insect bites to relieve the pain and swelling.
 13. Soak some ajwain leaves and seeds in water and wash your eyes with that filtered water to clean your eyes thoroughly. The leaves extract of Karpooravalli for hair is highly beneficial to treat dandruff problem.   
 14. Anti-inflammatory and anti-anaesthetic properties of ajwain leaves and seeds help to reduce the arthritis and rheumatic pain. You can apply paste of seeds and leaves and apply it on painful area to get soothing relief.
 15. Karpooravalli plant contains niacin and thymol along with vitamins which is very useful in maintaining good heart health. The consumption of ajwain extracts is beneficial in improving nerve impulsion and blood circulation.
16. Karpooravalli leaves extracts are beneficial in reducing acidity effectively.
 17. If you are suffering from problem of hiccups then chew an ajwain leaf or few seeds to get immediate effect.

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