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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Benefits of Amruthavalli plant leaves Tamil herb medicinal uses

 Amruthavalli herb
This is benefits of amruthavalli plant leaves, Tamil herb medicinal uses. Amruthavalli herb or Guduchi is an amazing medicinal creeper plant, which is considered as a natural immunity builder. Common diseases such as fever, jaundice, skin infections, tuberculosis and constipation can be cured with the help of this wonder herb. When you see the plant image it just resembles the beetle leaves.
People take amrutha valli for diabetes. It is also useful for the treatment of leprosy. The leaf extracts of the plant are used as a blood purifier and immunity builder. Let’s try to find out some of the medicinal uses of this plant.

Medicinal uses of Amruthavalli plant
1. Ayurveda believes that amruthvalli plant can reduce Tridoshas that is Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is said that when amrutha valli ayurvedic medicine (leaf extracts) are consumed with pure ghee it can cure Vata, when it is consumed with jiggery it works on Pitta and when it is taken with honey it can cure Kapha.

2. Ayurveda believes that the extracts from leaves and stem of the plant are useful for longevity. It keeps various diseases away from our body and helps to remain healthy and fit.

3. The burning sensation in stomach and chest can be cured by consuming the leaf extracts of Amruthvalli plant.

4. Those who are suffering from the problem of excessive thirst can consume extract of the plant along with water to get relief from the condition.

5. New mothers can take advantage of this medicinal plant as it helps to purify the breast milk and also stimulates the secretion of breast milk.

6. The consumption of Guduchi extracts helps digestion and relives other stomach related problems.

7. It can increase the appetite and helps to regulate digestion.
8. The extracts of the plant reduces weakness of the body and gives natural strength within few days.

9. It works as a anti aging treatment by delaying the signs of aging.
10. Guduchi extracts are considered as an effective memory boosters.

11. The herb is a natural immunity builder and can be used as a general health tonic.
12. The health conditions like fever can be treated with the help of Amruthvalli leaves extracts.

13. The extract of this herb is used in the drugs used for curing cancer. The regular consumption of this herb can prevent the risk of cancer.
14. The anti inflammatory properties of Guduchi make it useful in curing the problem of arthritis.

15. Problems like tonsillitis, roughness in throat, cough and cold can be cured Guduchi extract or guduchi tablets which are available in the market. 

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