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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tamil Karuveppilai Medicinal Uses Benefits

Tamil Karuveppilai 
Medicinal Uses Benefits
Karuveppilai medicinal uses
This is Karuveppilai medicinal uses in Tamil and benefits of karuveppilai plant, leaves and medicinal values. There is no kitchen with out using curry leaves in a day. We need this Karuveppilla for our each and every dish preparation for its pleasant aroma, health benefits and nutritional value.  The whole karuveppilai plant uses is well known in ayurveda medicine preparation.
Apart from its rich aroma and taste curry leaves have various medicinal benefits.

Karuveppilai leaves uses
1. Karuveppilai benefits for hair : Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and calcium which helps to stop hair fall and supports rapid hair growth.
2.  Leaves also carry plenty of Amino Acid which helps in regularizing digestion.
3. Karuveppilai podi benefits are more in stomach related problems. All types of stomach problems like indigestion, ulcers etc are easily cured by consuming curry leaves podi prepared by sautéing curry laves with salt, jeera and pepper.
4. Curry leaves play an important role in shedding weight. The regular consumption of curry leaves help to get desired effect on body within few months.
5. The problem like acidity and burning sensation in chest can be easily cured by drinking the water boiled with curry leaves in it.
6. During summer season because of excess heat many people suffer through prickly heat and heat boils. Applying the paste of curry leaves on the area can be very beneficial to give calming effect.
7. Karuveppilai Juice Benefits:  The curry leaves juice is used in treatment of blood piles and many types of blood related problems.
8. The anti-diabetic properties of curry leaves help to control diabetes effectively. Chew some curry leaves and pepper corn in the morning before eating anything.  This remedy surely controls the blood sugar level.
9. The curry leaves have very rich and freshening aroma which is useful in reducing vomiting sensation and food nausea. The simple remedy to cure this condition is to crush some curry leaves along with some red chillies, salt and little piece of tamarind. This paste can be used along with rice to reduce the tastelessness and bitterness of tongue. This paste also helps to digest the food and prevent acidity.
10. Karuveppilai uses for hair: Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and calcium which are very essential in hair and bone health. Boil coconut oil with curry leaves and use this oil to stop hair loss and supports hair growth. The gentle massage of this oil on joints can reduce the pain and inflammation easily. The regular consumption of curry leaves keep the bones healthy and strong.
11. Those who are suffering from poor eyesight are advised to include curry leaves in their regular diet. Curry leaves not only improves the eyesight but also removes other eye related problems. It also prevents the possibility of cataract in future.
12. Those who are facing the problem of anemia due to lack of folic acid and iron in body are highly advised to consume curry leaves and dates in the morning before eating anything. Curry leaves contains plenty of iron and folic acid which helps to get a healthy and energetic body.
13. Karuveppilai Health Benefits: The anti-oxidant properties of curry leaves reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and help to produce good cholesterol. Thus curry leaves are beneficial in preventing heart diseases effectively.