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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vallarai Plant Uses Leaves Benefits Medicinal value

This is the details of vallarai plant uses leaves benefits Medicinal value
Centella asiatica vallarai plant
Vallarai Plant Medicinal  Uses 
There are many medicinal plant surrounding us at our living place in India. One of the best keerai or plant called vallarai is having excellent medicinal properties. You might have heard about vallarai medicinal uses in various types of disease treatment.
Vallarai powder benefits: Take some vallarai plant leaves, dry at shadow and make a fine powder. Take 1tsp of powder add with warm milk and drink daily before bed time to kill the worms in the stomach.
Vallarai keerai to Improve memory: Vallarai keerai chutney is the best recipe to take vallarai keeri daily. This will improve the memory power especially for students.  Take some leaves of medicinal plant vallarai, add sambar onion, garlic, jeera, salt and pepper. Grind like chutney, have with rice, idly or dosa for 48 days.
Vallarai benefits in urinary infection: Take equal amount of vallarai and keelanelli leaves, grind nicely and have in empty stomach for 48 days.
Vallarai health benefits in Children: Give 8 to 10 Vallarai leaves for children daily to eat raw. This will give memory and good résistance powder to the body.
vallarai keerai medicinal value in Anaemia Treatment : vallarai leaves are the great source of iron. People those who have suffering anaemia problem can add vallarai keerai poriyal daily in their diet. This will improve the blood hemoglobin.  
Vallarai leaves Benefits in mouth Freshness: Prepare Vallarai keerai podi by using the dried leaves and use this as tooth powder. Brush your teeth, and do massage for you gums.
Tuberculosis ayurvedic medicine: Vallarai is uses in tuberculosis ayurvedic medicine and also for could, cough, throat pain and chest congestion.
Vallarai keerai plant diet for Eye power: Vallarai thuvaiyal diet can improve your eye powder by strengthening the optical nerves.
Vallarai keerai medicinal value in Diabetes Tamil medicine: Taking vallarai is good for Diabetes. This will reduce the blood sugar level, constipation problem and stomach ulcers.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sukku Health Benefits Medicinal Uses of Chukku Treatment Values

Sukku medicinal uses
Sukku Dry ginger is having many medicinal properties, this post sukku  health benefits medicinal uses of sukku in Treatment values gives the information of how chukku is used in the treatment of various diseases. Dry ginger is available as a kitchen medicine and most of the time it is used as a recipe to cure diseases. Very commonly sukku is used to treat cold, cough and fever. Sukku uses are completely side effects free but more quantity taken in empty stomach can cause burning sensation.
Medicinal uses of Sukku and its preparation methods are described below.
Sukku for Headache
Sukku pathu medicine: Sukku is the best medicine for headache. The medicine is prepared in the form of sukku pathu. For the preparation take the juice of sukku by rubbing in a stone and apply (in less concentration) in the forehead area and cover with a clean white cloth.
Sukku for cold Remedy:
Sukku pal or padam sukku paal: Take a glass of fresh milk, boil it by adding 1/2tsp of sukku podi and sugar as per your taste. Let to boil for five minutes in sim flame, filter it and add badam powder if you like the flavor.
Sukku kulambu and Sukku milagu kuzhambu gives fast remedy from cold.
Sukku kashayam: Take 1 glass of water, add 1/2tsp of sukku powder and pepper powder. Let it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes in low flame then add jaggery as per your taste.
Chukku for Indigestion Remedy
sukku rasam and sukku water works better for indigestion and gastric problem. sukku rasam or sukku water preparation is very simple and easy. Take a glass of water and add 1/2tsp of each jeer and sukku podi. Let it to boil for the whole amount reduces into half. Drink two times a day.
Sukku medicine for cough
One of the best sukku milagu thippili uses is cough treatment. Each ingredient is taken equal amount and cough powder is prepared.  
Sukku Benefits in Fever Remedy
Sukku kaapi also called sukku coffee is the best medicine for cold and fever. sukku coffee health benefits are more when it is given at the time pregnancy.
Chukku kaapi Preparation is same like usual coffee. Add 1/2tsp of sukku powder instead of your coffee powder. Add jaggery and milk for taste. in the preparation of sukku malli coffee, 1/4sp of malli coriander seed powder is added.  When we give sukku coffee during pregnancy period, it will reduce the vomiting sensation by improving the digestion and also gives refreshment.