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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thuthuvalai plant uses in Tamil medicinal value

Thuthuvalai health benefits 
  • This is Solanum Trilobatum is a creeper with purple flowers Thuthuvalai plant uses in Tamil medicinal value.  The plant is also known as purple fruited pea eggplant. Thuthuvalai health benefits are more  in ayurvedic as well as siddha medicinal therapies. You can take five or ten leaves of Thuthuvalai during pregnancy.
  • The plant is known as Kayakalpa in Siddha therapy.  In villages, Thuthuvalai juice is given for babies. Common recipes prepared are Thuthuvalai chutney thuvaiyal, Thuthuvalai juice,  thoothuvalai keerai kashayam and Thuthuvalai  dosai.  The taste will be good to eat the dosa with nei and podi.
  • Every part of the Thuthuvalai herbs plant is loaded with medicinal properties and it can be also used in making some traditional tasty recipes. The plant is especially used for treating respiratory problems and diseases. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties of the plant are beneficial in treatment of many other diseases too.
  • The research says the plant is loaded with antioxidant and antihepato-toxicative properties which can heal the liver damage. The plant parts including flowers and seeds are used in treatment of lung cancer as it controls the level of lipid peroxide.
  • People commonly use Thuthuvalai powder syrup for cold and cough problem. The plant is considered as one of the best remedies for asthma and other respiratory problems. The juice made with plant leaves can be consumed to get relief from the condition. 
  • Thuthuvalai kashayam is prepared by using leaves. The fruit of the plant can be consumed along with honey to cure asthma and also for treating prolonged cough and cold.
  • The leaves of the plant are used for the treatment of lung diseases and related respiratory problems. The leaves are also useful for curing digestion related problems. To cure cough, grind the leaves of the plant and mix it with cow milk. Consume it in the morning to get relief from cough.
  • Make a paste of leaves of the plant along with black pepper. Boil the paste in the water, strain and drink to get relief from stomachache due to gastric problem and heat. According to siddha medicinal therapy, the leaves are useful to prevent blood deficiency and blood thickening. It supports the blood circulation.
  • The leaves extract can be used as eardrops and can heal hearing problems effectively. The flowers of the plant are beneficial for the improvement of memory enhancement.
  • The fruits of the plant are dried and ground into powder. This powder can be used to solve the problem of constipation and acidity. Those who are suffering from the breathing problem or tuberculosis can be cured with the help of solanum trilobatum plant leaves.
  • The dry fruit powder of the plant is also used in the treatment of rheumatism. The plant extracts are suggested to treat throat infection.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aloe vera benefits Tamil sothu kathalai plant uses

This is the details on aloe vera benefits Tamil sothu kathalai plant uses. The plant of aloe Vera is loaded with medicinal values. Here are some of the important medicinal uses of aloe Vera plant. Aloe vera uses in tamil medicine is more including skin infection cure, constipation, stomach infection, etc.

Sothu kathalai uses in Tamil medicine

1. Use the soft and cool pulp of aloe Vera leaves as a body lotion. It gives you cooling effect in summer season.

2.  People use Sothu kathalai for face to cure pimples and acne. Fresh aloe Vera pulp is useful to treat minor burns caused in the kitchen
3. Aloe Vera juice or aloe Vera pulp is the best remedy to keep your skin safe from sunburns. Apply it on your skin before going out

4. If you are suffering because of insect bite then with the help of Aloe Vera gel you can take out that sting very easily

5. For any type of skin rashes or allergies use soothing aloe Vera juice on the affected area

6. It is also used in the treatment of herpes and also to heal Athlete’s foot.
7. Minor wounds, swellings and skin irritations can be cured by rubbing fresh aloe Vera pulp or juice on it

8. It is considered as one of the very good treatments for the ladies who are facing the problem of acne and pimples. Rub freshly cut aloe Vera regularly on the pimple affected area. It can not only reduce the reddish but can also sooth the inflammation. It is also useful to remove acne

9. Aloe Vera pulp can give calming effect on Psoriasis
10. For the scars and stretch marks on skin, use aloe Vera juice
11. Aloe Vera can prevent signs of aging. It can reduce wrinkles and dark spots from your skin

12. Massage aloe Vera gel on scalp as it can help the rapid hair growth. Gently rub and leave it for half an hour and then wash with luke warm water
13. Aloe Vera juice mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil can prove as a best remedy for dandruff treatment
14. For any type of minor vaginal infections, you can use fresh aloe Vera juice

15. Sothu kathalai juice is taken internally also to fight against the problems of indigestion and gastric problems
16. Aloe Vera juice also works as an effective laxative for those who are suffering from constipation

17. Doctors advice the oral consumption of aloe Vera juice for the treatment of heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism

18. Asthma patients are advised to breathe in the vapor of aloe Vera leaves to get comfort

19. Diabetic patients are advised to consume aloe Vera juice to reduce the blood sugar level effectively

20. Aloe Vera juice is also useful to reduce bad cholesterol from the body.