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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pudina Leaves Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Pudina Leaves 
This is an article about Pudina leaves benefits and medicinal uses. Pudina Leaves called mint is one of the most beneficial herbs, which is grown all most all parts of the earth. Specially known for its flavour and aroma, pudina is used in various types of chutneys, salads and tea varieties. The importance and advantages of pudina leaves are more in medicine.  For health and beauty purpose pudina leaves are used in skin, acne, pimple, dark circles, hair dandruff, and skin problems etc.  You can grow pudina leaves at home easily in a pot by planting the stem part of Pudina.

Botanical name of pudina leaves - Mentha Arvensis
For the medicinal value of pudina leaves in Ayurveda pudina diet is advised. Most famous pudina leaves recipe is pudina chutney and pudina rice.

Pudina leaves for Acne:
Pudina is an excellent medicine for acne. Pudina paste with turmeric powder can be applied on acne.
Pudina leaves for Hair
Prepare pudina leaves paste by adding a bunch of pudina and neem leaves with 50gm of fenugreek seed. Apply on hair 1hr before taking hair wash. This will reduce hair fall and improve the hair growth even in bald head. Reduce the dandruff problem too.    

Pudina leaves for Face
Pudina leaves with aloe vera gel can be used for face to cure pimples and acne scare marks. This is the best home remedy for getting glowing fair face easily with in a week.

Pudina leaves during pregnancy
Pudina leaves helps to regulate the digestive system. It reduces heat and acidity in the stomach. The aroma of mint leaves stimulates saliva glands and this helps the food to get digested quickly. Dip mint leaves in hot water and set it for few minutes. Consume this water for instant relief from stomach pain and indigestion alternatively you can take pudina leaves juice. So it is advised to eat Pudina leaves during pregnancy as food recipe or as raw.
Benefits of eating pudina leaves – eating pudina leaves reduce the bad smell in you mouth and improves your digestion.
How to dry pudina leaves: Pudina podi Making
How to keep pudina leaves fresh : Put in plastic cover and keep on the mud pot filled with water.
Get some fresh leaves and put in plastic cover and sun dry for a week.
pudina leaves weight loss:
Pudina leaves recipe is advise to high cholesterol patients and obesity patients to reduce their bad cholesterol and weight.

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