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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Medicinal uses of manathakkali plant Keerai leaves health benefits

This is to share the nutritional value and Medicinal uses of manathakkali plant Keerai leaves health benefits. solanum nigrum, the name in tamil manathakkali. Manathakkali or popularly known as nightshade is the medicinal herb used for various health ailments in Tamil medicine. The herb is famous for its cooling effects on the body, it can be taken in the form of chutney, thuvaiyal, vathal, poriyal, powder ,podi, soup or rasam, kootu, kulambu, pachadi etc. This all season herb looks like pepper in its appearance.
The entire plant is loaded with medicinal values. The every part of the plant right from fruits to roots and leaves and stem are used for the medicinal preparations. In ayurvedha the practice of using Manathakkali for cancer is in under research.

It is very safe to take a cup of cooked leaves of manathakkali  during pregnancy. The plant is proved to be rich in protein, fiber and minerals. Here are some of the medicinal uses of solanum nigrum.

Manathakkali Benefits 

Manathakkali for mouth ulcer: This medicinal herb is considered as one of the very good remedies for mouth and stomach ulcers. The leaves extracts of the plant are used for the treatment. Take the leaves extracts in mouth and hold it in mouth for few minutes before spitting. Repeat the therapy two to three times in a day to get quick results. The solanum nigrum leaves juice is beneficial for stomach ulcers also.

Manathakkali health benefits for Healthy heart:  Solanum nigrum leaves are very beneficial for healthy heart. For healthy and strong heart cook the leaves of the plant along with ginger-garlic, pepper and cumin seeds and consume it daily. The leaves extracts can keep the heart away from any types of diseases.

Skin infections and discolored skin: This medicinal plant is very useful for the treatment of skin infections. The consumption of the leaves gives a natural shine on your skin. Those who are suffering from white patches can take treatment of solanum nigrum juice. Rub this juice on the affected area. Regular usage can bring positive results within few weeks.

For common cough, cold and fever: The leaves extracts of the manathakkali plant are useful to get quick relief in the conditions like common cough, cold and fever also.

For digestion and constipation: The fiber rich plant of manathakkali is helpful in regulating the digestive system. Those who are suffering from constipation can consume the leaves extracts to get instant relief from the condition.

For nausea and vomit sensation: The raw fruit of solanum nigrum is useful in the treatment of nausea and vomit sensation.

For minor wounds and burns: The paste of this amazing plant is applied on minor burns and wounds to get cooling effect and instant relief.

For treating ringworm: The raw fruits paste is applied on the area affected by ringworm to heal them quickly.

For menstrual problems: The leaves extracts should be consumed regularly to reduce the excessive blood flow and cramps during menstrual periods.

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