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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Keelanelli medicinal plant uses in Tamil maruthuvam

This is the info on keelanelli medicinal plant uses in Tamil maruthuvam. The medicinal herb of Phyllanthus Niruri is known as Keelanelli in Tamil language. The plant is available in huge quantity at some parts of south India. keelanelli uses in Tamil medicine are more. You might have heard the popularity of keelanelli for jaundice treatment. This medicinal herb is specially used in the treatment of jaundice but other than that many other health problems can be solved with the help of this herb's medicinal properties. Siddha and ayurveda found the benefits of keelanelli plant for liver healing treatment. Keelanelli is used widely in the treatment of kidney stones, liver and kidney problems, viral infection and bacterial infections also.

The roots, leaves and the fruits of the plant are used for the medicinal treatment. The fruits of the plant are loaded with medicinal properties and thus used for skin infections like scabies, ring worms. keelanelli oil is used to treat skin infections, sores and even for minor wounds. People use the leaves of keelanelli  for hair growth treatment. The fruits of the plant are useful for healing tubercular ulcers.

The leaves of the plant are considered as one of the best remedies for jaundice. Grind keelanelli leaves along with onion and turmeric powder. Add this paste in milk or buttermilk. Consume this keelanelli juice on empty stomach in the morning and again at night. It is a wonderful remedy to treat jaundice.

The herb is used in the treatment of kidney stones also. The medicinal properties of the herb can dilute the kidney stones and prevent the formation. The herb is supportive for liver and kidney health. The plant extracts can regulate the functioning of liver and protect the liver tissues effectively.

If you are suffering from high fever then make paste using keelanelli roots, cumin seeds and gingelly oil. Mix this paste in milk and apply it on head to reduce the body temperature quickly. Boil water by adding keelanelli leaves and pepper in it. When the water is reduced into half, remove it from heat. After cooling, consume the mixture to cure burn and minor wounds.

keelanelli and diabetes treatment: Keelanelli plant is useful to treat diabetes also. It can reduce blood glucose level remarkably. The amazing properties of the plant can prevent glucose absorption and glucose storage in the body.

It is a wonderful medicine for treating Hepatitis B. This medicinal property of the herb has made it famous all around the world. It has been proved that keelanelli plant extracts are loaded with the properties which can work as good as chemotherapy. It can effectively prevent the growth of the tumor and gives relief from the problems caused by it.

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