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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Malai Vembu medicinal uses in Tamil treatment

Malai Vembu medicinal uses in Tamil treatment

This is the details of Malai Vembu medicinal uses in Tamil treatment. The whole part of the plant including, leaves, fruits, flower and root are having the medicinal benefits.  Malai Vembu, Malai Vembu botanical name Melia Dubia is widely known as Dengue Specialist for the medicinal properties it carries. The herb is found in various parts of India. The leaves, roots and bark of the tree is used for treatment of various health ailments. Malai Vembu is useful for women’s infertility too. In India the botanical name for this tree is Maha Neem or Forest Neem. It is naturally available hence the price of the leaves and  cost of ayurvedic products are not affordable. Following are some of the medicinal uses of this amazing plant.

Malai Vembu and pregnancy: In ayurvedha Malai Vembu is uses to treat infertility problems in both male and female. Regular use of this medicine improves the fertility in female.

How to prepare Malai Vembu juice for dengu
This medicinal herb is especially known for the treatment of Dengue. The juice make with papaya leaf, malai vembu and comman neem leaves is considered as very beneficial for dengue patients. This medicine made with the herb is approved by Tamilnadu government also. The leaves extracts should be 
consumed twice in a day for better results.

Malai Vembu benefits for Oral problems:
From ancient period neem stems are used for oral health. The need extracts are useful for healthy teeth and strong gums. The regular usage of neem bark powder can prevent bad breath and also treats the oral infections to mouth and gums.

Neem payangal in Diabetes treatment:
The plant extracts of Malai Vembu are suggested for diabetes patients as it has the properties to reduce the sugar level in the body.

Malai Vembu leaves doe stomach worms:
Chew few Malai Vembu leaves every morning on empty stomach and one more time in the night before going to bed. This easy remedy will help you to get rid of stomach worms permanently.

To get rid of mosquitoes:
The oil made with the neem leaf extracts is used as mosquito repellent. You can also burn the neem leaves to get rid of mosquitoes instantly.

Malai Vembu for Skin diseases:
Many types of skin diseases and skin infections can be cured easily with the use of paste made with neem leaves.

To reduce body heat:
For those who are suffering from high fever, neem leaves are beneficial as it can reduce the body heat effectively. The juice extracted from the bark and roots of the plant can decrease the body heat and can also cure the fever.

Malai Vembu paste for scalp problems:
The powder made of dried neem leaves is very effective in the treatment of dandruff and other scalp related problems.

Apart from all the above medicinal uses, the plant extracts are used in making herbal products like soaps, shampoos and creams.

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