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Monday, November 30, 2015

Punarnava plant uses Tamil medicinal benefits

This is punarnava plant uses Tamil medicinal benefits. As the name suggests the medicinal plant of Punarnava is used for replenish the body organism. punarnava ayurvedic medicine therapy is used to treat diseases. The herb is found everywhere in India. In English the herb is known as Spreading Hogweed. The Green leafy herb of Punarnava grows up to 2 to 3 feet tall and the leaves of the plant are hairy with rounded shape. The roots and stem of the plant are mainly used for medicinal purpose. All the other parts of the plant are also equally beneficial, no side effects recorded. Let’s find out some of the benefits of punarnava herb. 

Punarnava benefits for kidney health: It improves kidney function by preventing the formation of kidney stones. This is the best medication for kidney disease.

Punarnava kashayam benefits: The plant of punarnava is beneficial as natural blood purifier. It also works on balancing the gastric juices produced in the body.

Punarnava churna benefits: The people who are suffering from joint pains or fluid retention in the body are treated with the extracts of Punarnava herb, punarnava mool tablet of churna is very effective. The swelling on the body can be cured with the help of this beneficial herbal cure.

It gives strength and energy to the body and helps to remove tiredness and exhaustion successfully. Take punarnava during pregnancy only after your doctor’s advice.

Punarnava for stomach problems: Many types of stomach problem related to digestion and intestinal cramps are treated with the herb extracts.

Punarnava for high blood pressure asthma: The patients of Ashthma can take advantage of this medicinal herb as the consumption of herb extracts can remove the mucus membrane and phlegm from the respiratory passage.

Punarnava for skin diseases : Many types of skin diseases and skin infections can be treated with the help of punarnava medicinal herb.

Punarnava for paralysis: It maintains blood pressure. Weakness of nerves can be treated with the consumption of punarnava herb. The herb is useful for the patients suffering from paralysis as it gives strength to the muscles and regulate its functioning effectively.

Punarnava for weight loss:The herbal therapy is beneficial for obesity treatment. Those who are planning to manage their body weight can go with herbal ayurvedic treatment.

Punarnava for liver function: The herb extracts are mainly used for revitalize liver functioning. It also helps to remove toxic substances from the liver and boosts the smooth performance.

Punarnava for diabetes : The leaf extracts of the plant are used in the treatment of diabetes. It reduces the glucose level in the body remarkably and boosts the insulin production.

Punarnava for cancer: The plant extracts are considered very beneficial for the treatment of cancer. The anti cancer properties of the herb helps to boost immunity and reduce the progress of metastatic level. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are commonly found among women. The roots of the punarnava plant are used for the treatment for cancer prevention.

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