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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Avaram poo benefits for health Tamil medicine

Aavaram poo flower in english : Senna auriculata 

This is Avaram poo benefits for health Tamil medicine. Many amazing secrets are found in the nature. You might have heard about senna flowers. Many herbal plants found in nature are beneficial for human health. Avaram Poo or cassia Auriculata is one of the medicinal shrubs used for many health benefits. The plant is easily found in India and the surrounding countries. The yellow flowers of this plant are used for many types of health problems. senna leaves tea  comes first in herbal tea names. This plant is also used in beauty products for its amazing benefits.

Avarampoo medicinal uses  

The flowers of avaram poo plant contain natural dehydrating and cooling effects and thus used as a alternate for caffeinated options like tea and coffee. The flower extracts are also beneficial for the patients of diabetes as it can control the sugar level in the blood and it is a natural insulin booster in the body.

Avaram poo uses: It has been proved that the flower extracts work as cleanser for urinary system. It can regulate the bowel movement and works as a mild natural laxative. The tea made with the avaram flowers works best for maintaining better health.

Avaram poo benefits for diabetes: Avaram poo tea in empty stomach is the best diabetic medication. The antioxidant properties in the flower extracts shows positive results on the human body. To make tea, the flowers of the plant are sun dried and then ground into the powder. This powder can be stored for many days in air tight bottle. Add this powder along with cardamom powder and honey in hot water to make a healthy herbal tea.

avaram poo benefits for face: Apart from health benefits, the flowers are useful in beauty treatment also. To get a fair glowing skin and face, grind the dried flowers and leaves and mix it with Bengal gram flour and green gram flour. Make a paste of this mixture and apply it o skin to get a attractive skin complexion. aavaram poo powder for skin is fully natural. This powder is also available in the market.

Apart from the flowers the roots avaram poo drink is used to treat fever, blood sugar and constipation.

Many urinary systems related diseases are also cured with the help of avaram poo juice. The powder of the seeds of this plant is used in the eye diseases like conjunctivitis. In many parts of the world the bark and the seeds of avaram plant is used for rheumatism, gonorrhea and gout too. The antibacterial properties of the plant has made it important for human health.


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  3. How can the avarampoo leaves used bcoz the bunch which I got have more leaves than the flowers?