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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thuthi leaves benefits herbal plant uses

Thuthi plant uses

Thuthi botanical name : Abutilon indicum

This is Thuthi leaves benefits herbal plant uses. Thuthi plant is widely known as Indian mallow which is   a medicinal shrub which generally grows up to 2 meters height. The plant is with green leaves and yellow flowers (malar)which open in the evening only. The fruit of the plant is rounded oval shape. This medicinal plant is considered as very important in Tamil Siddha medicinal therapy. Thuthi  keerai  is taken as spinach in village sides of Tamil nadu. In the preparation of various kinds of siddha medicines this plant is used in whole. Thuthi seeds,  roots, stem, flowers, fruit, leaves and seeds of this amazing plant are beneficial for human health.

1. Thuthi ilai uses are more in medicine preparation. The leaves extract of abutilon indicum are used for piles complaints. Regular therapy can give relief from the problem.

2. Men, who are suffering from infertility, can take advantage of this plant. Thuthi flower can help to increase semen and sperm motility in men.

3. Thuthi herbal plant extracts are used in treatment of fever. It can bring down the fever quickly and without any side effect.

4. Those who are having urinary tract infection or problem to pass urine can take medication of abutilon indicum plant as it endorses the urinary flow.

5. The extracts of abutilon indicum plant can be used as natural laxative, thus is useful for the people who are suffering from constipation.

6. It is helpful to regulate and protect digestive tract. It controls the digestion process and reduces burning sensation and inflammation.

7. Abutilon indicum also works positively on respiratory tract. It supports the removal of mucous discharge from bronchial veins.

8. Abutilon indicum plant extracts are considered beneficial in the treatment of irritation or swelling in urethra and urinary bladder.

9. The decoction of the abutilon indicum plant is given to cure many health problems like bronchitis, diarrhea and urinary tract problems.

10. In traditional medicinal therapy the plant extracts were used as a general tonic for body growth and development.

11. The anti inflammatory properties of the medicinal plant makes it useful to treat ulcers and throbbing headaches. Thuthi root is used in medicine preparation.

12. The plant extracts are used as mild sedative.

13. The anthelmintic and analgesic properties of this medicinal shrub help to treat leprosy.

14. In early days the plant extracts were given to ladies for safe and quick pregnancy.

15. The plant extracts are used to increase sexual desire in both men and women.


  1. I will be thankful if the method of preparation of the leaves for treatment of urinary flow restriction and for treatment of burning sensation of the stomach and digestive tract, is explained in detail, especially for getting free flow of urine i.e. voiding the bladder freely.

  2. How to use thuthi leaves for urinal infection?

  3. I take d.veniz tablet.. Can I take this thuthi leaves for piles????