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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Murungai leaves benefits / Drumstick leaves medicinal uses in tamil

This is Murungai leaves benefits. Murungai tree or commonly known as Drumstick tree is native to India but because of its medicinal properties, it is planted all around the world. The plant is considered as one of the most powerful medicinal plants which can actually fight against more than 300 diseases effectively. In many herbal as well as ayurvedic medicines the leaves extracts of drumstick tree are used. Let’s try to understand some of the health benefits of drumstick leaves:

The leaves of drumstick tree are loaded with nutritious values. The consumption of leaves can work as natural energy booster.
The leaves extracts can have very positive effects on blood pressure level. It can be also used to treat anxiety and stress.
The leaves extracts are very effective for diabetes patients as it can control the glucose level in the blood and supports the insulin production in the body effectively.
Those who are suffering from stomach disorder, diarrhea, dysentery or colitis can take treatment of drumstick leaves. Mix the leaves extract in honey and consume it. Now drink coconut milk for better results. Repeat this method two three times a day to cure the problem

If you are suffering from the problem of headache commonly, use the leaves extracts along with the buds extracts for instant remedy. Rub the mixture on the forehead and on the temples and massage gently with fingertips.
For the treatment of glandular swelling, the poultice make with fresh drumstick leaves is very effective.
The drumstick leaves are considered as natural skin antiseptic and can be used for various skin ailments.
The leaves extracts are given to the patient of fever as it is a very good natural remedy for quick relief.
 It is also used for the respiratory problems like bronchitis. The consumption of drumstick leaves extracts can reduce the clogging also.
 For common eye as well as ear infection, use the juice extracts of drumstick leaves.
It can also give instant relief from ear pain and itchiness and dryness of eyes.
The inflammation of the mucus membrane can be cured with the help of drumstick leaves.
Stomach related problems can be solved with the help of drumstick leaves. It can reduce the problem of gastric and indigestion easily. It can also kill the intestinal worms efficiently.
In some cases the consumption of drumstick leaves is advised to the patients of anemia to get the body strength.
Eating drumstick leaves can also be helpful to improve the breast milk secretion of a new mother.
The regular consumption of drumstick leaves can detoxifies the harmful substances from the body and improves the immunity system
The leaves of the plant provide highest amount of protein to our body. It is one of the few plants which can provide eight amino acids to our body which are very essential for our complete body growth. It also provides vitamin A and C in ample quantity.
The calcium contents of drumstick leaves are beneficial for teeth and bone health. The potassium present in the leaves is useful for brain development and nerves strength.
Mix the leaves extracts in pure ghee to improve blood circulation effectively.

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