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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Medicinal uses of banana leaves health benefits and values

This is the info of Medicinal uses of banana leaves.  You might have heard about malai valaipalam benefits. It is available plenty in Tamil nadu.  Bananas are loved and enjoyed all over the world. It is one of the most preferred fruit among everyone.  The fruit is rich in many nutrients and is very good for health. Along with the fruit the other parts of the plant are also useful for human health. The leaves of banana are shiny green in color and smooth in texture. The leaves of banana have religious importance in hindu culture. Apart from its religious values, the banana leaves are beneficial for us in many aspects. Let’s try to understand about some of the medicinal benefits of banana leaves.

Medicinal properties of banana leaves
Banana leaves are considered to be very useful for our skin. The skin infections, wounds and minor burns can be easily treated with the help of banana leaves. The juice of banana leaves is useful for the treatment of skin problems like itching and eczema. The juice is also used for the treatment of dandruff and the treatment of sunburn. If you are suffering from the sunburns then soak banana leaves in cold water and press them on the affected area. The cooling and soothing effects of banana leaves will give you much relief.
Medicinal value of banana can give you relief from the insect bites. The insects like bees, spiders cause skin inflammation and irritation. The banana leaves can give you quick relief from it. It is equally beneficial in treating rashes and reddishness of the skin. Therefore banana leaves are called as natural eraser of the skin.

Banana is rich in the ingredient called Allantoin which is used in variety of beauty creams and lotions. The application of allantoin can remove the dead skin cells from the skin and supports new skin cell growth.  It can also kill the bacteria and germs on the skin and heals the wounds quickly.

Banana leaves juice is mixed with cayenne pepper is very beneficial for the process of reducing scars and marks on the skin. Minor injuries, burns, itching and bleeding can be treated with the help of banana leaves extracts.

Banana leaf extracts along with olive oil and beeswax can be an effective treatment for diaper rashes and mosquito bites in infants and kids. Wrap some ice cubes in the banana leaf and gently massage on body. This will give your extreme relaxation from stressful life.

Banana leaves extracts are available in the market in form of capsules. Consumption of the same can help you to get young and glowing skin. Major skin wounds are wrapped with banana leaves to get cooling effects instantly. It also helps to heal the wound faster.

Leaves are equally useful to cure throbbing headache. The juice of banana leaves is a natural body cleanser. The regular consumption of banana leaf juice can clean your bowel system.

Mix banana leaf juice in hot water to use for gargling. It can cure many throat and oral infections. For the treatment of diarrhea or indigestion use banana leaves powder along with water.

Banana leaves are considered to be one of the very good remedies against fever. For treatment, fresh banana leaf is selected and cleaned. After cleaning apply coconut oil on its surface. Now this leaf is wrapped on the body, on forehead and neck area. This remedy is also beneficial for abdominal pain. Remove the leaf when fever will come down.

Banana leaves have pilyphenols in it. This compound is also found in tea leaves. The use of banana leaves in eating give different aroma to the food. Therefore in south India one can see the food is wrapped in banana leaves for better taste and aroma.

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